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A Lot of Benefits in Using Web Script

Website script has become a trend in creating a website. Many people spend their money to buy script in some online script provider. Because of the ease and efficiency in creating websites or programs! The more advanced website technologies and the people want everything to be instant, force them to buy script. Both those who want to create an online store or website for a reseller, they do not want to waste time for learning one by one. Most of today webmaster makes a website by copying script form the other site or get it from free web script provider. They do not have to work-hard to create a website, as they have made a template before. Just install it and everything will be finished.

There are a lot of script provider that have provided you hundreds of free web script that is ready to use. You do not need to pay a programmer or webmaster to get a professional website. They also give you the tutorial for installing the script, both in local host or in the real hosting. So, what is the harm to buy script or try the free web script? Almost all of website script that contain of PHP, SQL, JSP, Ajax, and ASP was provided.

Usually the paid script provider will offer you many packages you can choose. Please remember, buy script is not just for webmaster that wants to create an online store or e-book selling website. But, many kind of website type such as classified ads, forum, social network, social bookmark and the other script that is not available in the free web script.

Usually, free web script only gives you the small parts of website creating tutorial. Beside that, you must list their link based on the Term of Service. It will be better to buy script than use the free web script. Because the price of simple website script plus templates is no more than 50 dollars, the max price for a special script is up to 200 dollars. You can compare with paying a webmaster to create your website. It will cost about 500 dollars. That is a very distant comparison. We can save twice of the scripts price. You can also ask for a discount promo, it will be much better if we can get the script in a half price.

After we buy the script, we can use the rest of our money to pay a SEO master to increase our rank in Search Engine. With combining website script with SEO, we can imagine how many products will be sold. The other profit in buying website script is we could be far from script error, because their script has passed a feasibility test before they sell it to the customers. So, you do not need to worry to buy a website script to build your website, if you do not satisfied with their service or their product, you can complain and then ask for your money back. But, it would not happen, because they were a professional company that provides 24 hours support for you.


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Creating and Understanding Web Page Templates

What is a web page template? Is that just a term used by people who use preset web site creators like WordPress or Joomla? Is it something that I can use if I am going to build my site from the floor up? What are its advantages and disadvantages and how can it speed up my design time? These are questions that many people have and ones that we promise to answer in this article. There will be no question in your mind what a web template is and how it helps, where it is used in and even how to make one.

Take a web site for example, one that you have created from scratch. What does it consist of in each of the HTM/HTML/PHP pages? What do all these pages have in common? There are certain elements that any good coder would have spread over all the pages and then other snippets that can make your life easier when spread over a set of pages.

Take for example the section of any page that comes before the tags. There will be a bunch of code such as the page title, the favicon or shortcut icon that appears on the top of the page in the browser, and the links to the multiple stylesheets in CSS that you use. To save yourself typing all of those, you just tend to copy and paste and then edit out the bits that need to be changed. This works, and is effective, but what about when adjustments need to be made in this are? What about when all the pages need another link to another CSS file? Then what? Go around changing it for all the pages? Why waste that time? Why not put in a simple PHP include or require snippet that draws the code onto all the pages and then only have to change that one for any changes that are required in the future? Wouldn’t that be charming?

If you can begin to think in this way, putting a simple “require_once(‘file.php’);” into your code then you can save yourself having to edit in multiple places and then you are on the road. Making a template of any sort simply means that you divide the page up into sections and instead of having the code there, you store this code in an external file and clue it into the matrix of your site. How useful could this be? Think not having to retype or restyle the footer every time you make a new page. Think about having the navigation bar be a universal element that you don’t have to copy and paste or edit over multiple pages. That is thinking in the way of web page templates, the way of efficiency, and the way of the smart web designer. This is why people that use templates pump out sites in half the time and with half the effort. Thinking with templates will take you from being a rookie to being one of the pros.


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Great PHP Script Collection For Your Online Business

Buying bulk script can save your money. And you will grab complete of source codes. Never paying high costs professional designer anymore. In the fact, you only need to edit some parameters – that everyone can do this – then make it live on your server.

This is what every marketer needs. The Hot PHP Script Collection in a box. Easy but powerful scripts you can use to build your own websites. Easy tutorials come together with the package. So you needn’t worry about complicated programming language.

Affiliate Program Manager PHP Script

Selling digital goods is the good way to make money on autopilot. Whatever you have created to be sold online, you need website that has powerful system to sell your products. These are best features of the affiliate program manager script:

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Easily manage products
  3. Easy user management
  4. Integrated online payment processors (Paypal)
  5. Set affiliate commission
  6. Fully template base, you can easily customize the site looks.
  7. Follow up email manager
  8. and much more.

Email List Manager PHP Script

You can stop paying monthly costs of autoresponder system. This script allows you manage your own autoresponse system on your server. Pay once to earn forever. Take a look what great features of this email list manager software:

  1. Create your own email list
  2. Manage group of list
  3. Manage broadcast message
  4. Send mass email
  5. Schedule you email marketing
  6. Easy opt in form builder
  7. Easy admin control panel

Digital Delivery Download Store Script

May be you want to sell you digital products such as ebook, videos, music, or software. You need a store that can deliver product automatically when customers complete their purchase. This is the good way to make money while you sleep. Simple step by step installation instruction makes everybody loves this script.

Digital Marketplace PHP Script

Your own digital marketplace that can make you money on autopilot. You can easily manage customers, sellers, and also affiliates. Let people sell products on your store. You can charge them with one time membership fee or monthly recurring costs, or maybe you will grant free access to all member. This script allows you to make income for every transaction.

and much more.

There are over 5 great website scripts inside the package. Also you will get professional marketing tools as super bonuses.

You can get instant access to Hot PHP Script Collection now.


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