6 Advantages of PHP

PHP is a language used for a variety of content related purposes in web design. It’s very adaptable and can be used to achieve virtually any effect which you are going for in designing a web page/site. Let’s take a look at the major advantages of PHP.

The first and most obvious of the advantages of PHP is that it is completely free. It’s open source software so anyone can use it in any situation for any purpose.

Secondly, more than 70% of all websites which run off Apache servers are programmed with PHP or PHP databases (MySQL).

Next, PHP works across a great deal of platforms like Oracle and Microsoft’s SQL Server.

Also, PHP is more powerful than ASP and JSP and runs on all kinds of operating systems and web browsers.

Another of the most important advantages of PHP is that it’s also considered to be the fastest of the scripting languages, not to mention extremely stable and secure. It doesn’t consume many system resources and doesn’t slow other processes which are trying to run like other languages.

Finally, the community associated with PHP might be it’s strongest asset. If you’re looking for a particular script, it’s entirely possible that someone else has already written it and posted it to share. There is tons of code readily available through some basic web searching to tackle virtually anything which you want to perform.

One possible drawback is that unless you have a background with Perl or C, it can be difficult to pick up right away. This can be a drawback considering how effective and popular a language it is, so many people need some outside help.


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