How to Find a Genuine, Good, Reputable, Trust Worthy Web Freelancer?


If you are reading this article, then I assume that you are looking for a freelancing developer/designer to work on your web projects.

In this Internet era, everyone runs a online business or side-line revenue generation through web as it can be maintained easily & the reach-ability is high without any regional restrictions (ie) US website can have audience from Europe/Asia etc,..

In-order to have your online presence, you have planned to develop a website & have got the funds ready for the development / deployment as well as hosting of the website. As there are many web-hosting providers in the market you can easily choose a good one by doing a research on Google & that shouldn’t be tougher.

Now comes the toughest part & the following questions hit your mind :-)

Where do I find a Freelancer ?

As said by many people Google search stands ahead as a tool for finding anything, anywhere .

So try Googling to find out freelancers, marketplace, forums, blogs where freelancers post their services & wait for clients. Also there are freelancing portals like RentACoder, GetAFreelancer, Scriptlance which fills in the gap between the Service Provider (Freelancer) & the Buyer (Client) where you can find lot of resources to help you with the projects.

Make sure the identified freelancer has good technical knowledge that is required for your projects.

(ie) If you are planning to develop a website in open-source technology using Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL, then make sure the freelancer has good expertise in Linux Apache mysql php as well as java-script & HTML would be a plus.

How good he is, how do I evaluate his attitude?

Once you have found a freelancer, identifying his attitude is bit tricky & involves number of conversations / discussions to be held between you & the freelancer. Most of the skilled, technical savvy are not money minded, they don’t speak about the payment rates initially, instead they do concentrate on the project requirements & make sure they are capable of handling this project which falls under their expertise.

A GOOD freelancer would require sometime to evaluate the estimate on time & cost based on the project requirements that you discussed, which means if someone says that the project can be completed within short span of time without discussing in detail, then he may not be GOOD at analyzing the requirements.

Also he shouldn’t be money-minded, make sure he doesn’t insist on just the money without keeping in mind about the terms & conditions.

How reputable he is, how do I check his reputation?

A reputable freelancer, will always have good number of clients who are always ready to provide professional references.When you identify a freelancer, please do ask client’s contact details for references & you can confirm his credibility with his clients.

If you have found the freelancer from portals like RentACoder, GetAFreelancer, Scriptlance, they do have their own system which provides ratings / reviews for the freelancer which you can count on.

If you find a freelancer from private forums, you can check their history/postings/Itrader ratings/reviews from other members.

Is he reliable, how can I make sure he doesn’t run off in the middle of the project?

Everyone hiring a freelancer will always insist on long-term relationship, as the script developed by him might have issues, need support services on the long-run & also might need to add more features add-ons, tweaks to existing functionality. So make sure he adheres to all of these & willing to help you on long-term whenever you need him.

You can also check this with his existing / old clients & make sure he stands by his words.

What payment modes does he prefer & are those modes reliable for me?

Last but not the least, discuss with the freelancer on his payment terms & conditions along with the modes of payment that he accepts.

If you have found a GOOD, REPUTABLE, RELIABLE freelancer, then you can make upfront payments & discuss incremental payment schedule based on deliverable which might help him to work more dedicated without distractions. Advance payments makes the freelancer to feel that the client is serious in getting the project done & he is not a time waster.

Discuss all possibilities of modes of payments through which the freelancer can receive payments.

(ie) Few freelancers wish to receive payments via Wire Transfer, if you do so, prior to doing please cross check about the freelancer on his credibility as well as trust-worthiness

Few wish to receive PayPal transfers, as this is reliable mode of payment & paypal offers Buyer protection / seller protection etc,..

Few wish to receive Western-Union & others do prefer escrow payments.


Hope after reading this article, If you are patient enough to follow up the above said methods, you can help yourself to identify a Freelancer without approaching a staffing firm which charges you for selecting a candidate to meet your requirements.


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