How to Install Scripts on Your Website – 5 Steps

You don’t need to be a computer geek to be able to make your website do what you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a personal, non profit or internet business website, Just a few steps are needed to install 3rd party scripts and software on your website. After its installed, the controls are very intuitive and most 3rd party website software will allow you to control its functions through an easy to use web interface. So no programming is needed.

There are just a few simple steps needed to install and use website software (I can’t cover every different kind, but for most everyday scripts and software this will work).

1 – Identify which script you need and for what purpose. Get the files you need and any instructions that come with. Once again, you will not need to know how to code CGI or PHP to work with the scripts.

2 – Upload the files to your webserver. Identify a spot you want the script to reside if it is not already specified in the instruction s of your script.

3 – Edit 1 or more configuration files. Usually its just 1 file and all you need is your domain name, install directory (if it’s not in the root). The root directory is your “public_html” folder. And any MySQL Database info. When asked for your host, it’s usually “localhost” (without quoutes).

4 – login to the admin interface (webpages) and work with your script or software. All should be intuitive from this point.

5 – Test

Yes it takes a bit of work to make sure everything is installed and works correctly, but once it’s done once you’ll never have to do anything again, just use it. That is the beauty of website scripts and software.


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