iPhone App Development Tutorial – How To Make An iPhone Application

In this iPhone App Development Tutorial we will cover the very basics of what you need to have, know and do to make your own iPhone, iPad or even iPod application to sell in the Apple App store.


First, the most important step is market research. You might have an idea for a game or business app already, but you need to drill down deep to really create something that will be successful.

The easiest thing to do, is to determine who your intended audience will be, what they will want from using your application, and look at where other’s with a similar idea went wrong or were successful.

The smoothest way to do this is to scan through your appropriate category at the App store. See what people are saying, download apps and try them out to get a good angle, and most importantly – visit forums, blogs and general websites for your niche and get an understanding of who will most benefit from your creation.

What Is Required To Make An iPhone App

The first thing that you should have is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, depending on which you plan to develop for. You must know the functionality of the product itself.

You will also need an Apple computer, which is the easiest way to build a great app, though you can make an app on Windows as well.

It is also recommended that you have the latest version of the OS X operating system, to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Software You Need To Make An iPhone App

You will need to use the Xcode editor and Cocos2d, and all of this can be downloaded for free at Apple’s developer page with the SDK (Software Development Kit). You will also need the iPhone simulator to test and tweak your application as you go through the programming process.

You will be working with Objective C, which can be described as a cousin to C+. You might shudder at the word “Objective C”, but you shouldn’t. Apple’s SDK has made it pretty easy to work with these days, although it certainly helps to have some experience with C programming, but at the very least you can learn the ins and outs of making an iPhone app from start to finish and hire a programmer, now knowing how to communicate with them effectively.

Designing Your App

Before you do any actual creation, it’s best that you have all of your eggs in one basket. Sketching the functionality of your app, how it will load, what it will look like, how it will flow, and developing a unique style for graphics and sound is very important if you want it to be a success.

You can literally get your vision realized by channeling the patterns of cultures that fit into your market from forums. Decide what kind of music they would like to hear, what stylized graphics they would respond to, and what kind of game play they would most enjoy.

If it’s a business application you are thinking about developing, then think about the practicality and keep it simple. What is the age bracket of your audience? what is their gender? what do they spend most of their time obsessing about?


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