Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is one of the leading software applications for creating and manipulating and editing bitmaps and images. The software has first released for the Apple Macintosh computers in 1990, and has subsequently been through many iterations, revisions and new versions. Today versions of Adobe Photoshop are available for both Apple Macintosh computers and PCs using the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Photoshop interoperates extremely well with other design software written or marketed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, and supports both raster and vector formats, as well as a variety of color models including RGB, CMYK, grayscale and duotone. The program is based on a powerful concept of layering which allows multiple images to be composited or blended together, and generally makes editing a breeze.

Although Photoshop is a well-designed program with an intuitive user interface, getting the most from the program does usually require some learning. This is both because there are a lot of functions and features in the program, and because many new users who want to learn to use Photoshop, do not have previously familiarity with advanced graphic design or prepress concepts. There is however no reason to be intimated by the thought of such learning – it’s surprisingly easy to master the program, especially if you take advanced of one of the many Photoshop tutorial web sites, software training packages, or even Photoshop books that are available. While Adobe Photoshop is of course ideal for professional graphic designers, even ordinary folks can produce excellent results, if they just put some effort into learning the program.


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