PHP Based Content Management System for Schools

Education is going dynamic in approach. Parents want to remain aware of the day-to-day activities happening in school and their child’s participation in such activities. Hence, PHP software development is carried out for school authorities, teachers and parents.

This PHP Web development tool helps in assessing the overall performance of the student. It helps in molding the child’s capacity into its strength. PHP development is also helpful to manage day-to-day operations in school.

Prominent tools and technology used in PHP Software development include PHP, MySQL, Ajax, XML, DHTML and CSS. This project needs thorough understanding of the school structure and its activities

• School’s education pattern

• No. of teachers and other staff

• Type of students in a class

• Individual student’s interests and capabilities

• School structure

• Participation of students in activities

It is essential to define each activity properly as these will set the benchmark for application development.

PHP Web development takes care of the admin features like:

• Accounts management for every person in the school – admin staff, teachers, students and parents

• Weekly status report for every student, mid-term and final report, student class assessment based upon the courses offered and selected by the student. Class assessment should be available on the basis of students’ active participation

• Define functions to manage subjects, courses, classes and students’ class and home works

• Need for dynamic PHP based content management system for front-end of the site

• Care should be taken that admin panel is controlled by responsible people who don’t have any biased views about anyone

Front-End features of School activity Web application:

• PHP software development should yield easy-to-use application having user-friendly module

• Exclusive events section to provide an overview of the events of a particular academic year

• Calendar section for the events as per date

• Teachers’ report section to be dynamic as control panel should be in the hands of teachers

• Information about school administration and staff

• Exclusive section for easy functionality between parents and teachers

• Special section to name students as per their respective caliber

The application should be made live on the Web so that parents can assess their child’s report regularly. Teachers can also send online remarks about the students concerning the progress of the student. PHP software development enables easy application development and easy processing. PHP based applications can be edited online with ease to maintain regularity all through the year. Software development may take some time. However, it will act as performance booster for students, teachers and of the school as a whole.


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