Powerful Utility to Resolve MySQL Error Code 145 and Recover Inaccessible Data

MySQL is an open source database management system and is popularly used by many small as well as large scale business houses. For its compatibility with C, C++, JAVA, PHP and PERL languages, it is popularly used at the back-end of many applications. MySQL uses a standard form of SQL and is considered having a powerful internal structure. But, sometimes, MySQL database gets corrupt and all the data in it becomes completely inaccessible. In such situations, if the database is connected to any on-line application, the application also suffers badly. However, now there are many advanced MySQL recovery software available, which can recover all the lost or inaccessible data efficiently.

If the MySQL database has been corrupt and you are trying to access any table, the database may flash some error message on the screen. The error message that you may come across can be read as below:

MySQL error code 145: Table was marked as crashed and should be repaired

Cause: As from the above error message, it is quite clear that database has got corrupted and thus inaccessible. There can be a number of reasons behind such corruption, including unexpected system shut down, virus infection, file system corruption, software/hardware contradiction etc.

Resolution: You can perform the below steps to resolve the problem in the MySQL database and regain access to your data:

  • Run the command – myisamchk -r. This command drops the invalid rows in the table and reconstructs the MySQL index file. Note that the ‘myisamchk’ utility is meant to verify and repair the damaged MySQL database tables.
  • Run ‘Check Table’ command that is meant to verify the MyISAM table for errors. Run the command as below:

CHECK TABLE tbl_name [, tbl_name]… [option]…


  • Run the command, ‘Repair Table’ that is meant to repair the damaged MySQL table. Run the command as below:


Sometimes, the MySQL database has been severely corrupt and the above steps also fail to resolve the problem. In such condition, you need to look for a valid back-up of the database and try to restore the data. In case, there is no valid back-up available, the only way to get back your precious data is to run good MySQL database recovery software. This software is powerful enough to recover data from any instance of MySQL corruption. Moreover, the utility is completely reliable and recover your data, with their original format intact.


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