Setting Up a Web Site to Make Money From Home

So you’ve decided to set up a web site to make money from home or supplement your income.

It is important when setting up a web site which you intend to make money from that you decide early on what your theme and target audience will be – a top tip is to choose a subject or product that is close to your heart, this will make the whole process a lot less laborious as you will find it easier to keep motivated through the tedious process of search engine optimisation.

Right you have your theme, now you need to work out how this is going to make you any money, the fastest way to get your website making money is Google’s simple to use and integrate AdSense system, signing up for AdSense is simple and cat get your blog or web site making money in a few hours – so long as traffic is passing through your site. Another way to get your web site making money quickly is affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing enables you to make money by integrating banner or text ads relevant to your web site’s content, you make money if a click on one of these affiliate ads results in a sale or a referral for the advertiser.

Once you have your money making concept and money making system you will need to design a web site, the easiest way to do this is to use a ready made template available from all of the top web hosts, all commercial web hosting companies now offer easy to use site building software with their web hosting plans this enables you to quickly use or edit an existing template to your specifications, get your ads up and running and start making money from your web site.

The choice of web hosts is quite astounding, and due to the falling price of technology the price of web hosting has fallen dramatically over the past few years, for more in formation on choosing a web host and for a huge selection visit which domain host there you will find a huge selection of web hosting companies from the UK and the USA, in addition to helpful guidance to help you get past the jargon and tips to help you get your money making web site started.

Once you have your site up and running, it is time to start generating traffic, there are several ways of doing this Google AdWords is an example of a pay per click marketing campaign which like AdSense can be set up in seconds, it is however quite expensive and if your conversion rate is not very high, you will loose most of your profits, a much better way to improve your sites performance is to build quality one way links to your web site from other, this may sound difficult at first but there are many ways to do this.

Comment on popular blogs – most will allow you to add a link to your site in the resource section.

Add your site to web directories – Once again along with a description of your web site you will be allowed to add a link.

Submit well written articles to article directories – such as this one a link is allowed in the body and in the resource section, you will also be rewarded with some very high quality targeted traffic to your web site.


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