The Benefits of PHP Development

There are a number of reasons why PHP web developers are in such high demand today. Whether you want to hire PHP programmers for your business development or not, it is a good idea to be aware of these benefits associated with PHP development to understand your options better.

Php has emerged as one of the most useful and yet completely free web programming platforms, along with Linux and mySQL. The sole cost associated with working with such technologies is the cost to hire the PHP web developers.

A Look at the Other Platforms

The most common platforms that you would come across with regards to web development today are Java,.net, and of course PHP. PHP development features a number of points that gives it the winning edge when compared with the other mentioned languages. First of all, let us look

.Net Vs PHP Development

.net is a powerful web development platform. This product from Microsoft is capable of coming up with almost any application that you can think of, provided you have a good programmer coding for you. However, the reason why PHP scores is the cost factors associated, and the complications involved with platform related development is only possible in a Windows environment.

Both the Windows operating system and the other software required proves to be quite expensive, and hence the cost of production goes up. PHP and associated software and operating systems can be obtained for free. Apache servers, MySQL, Linux, etc are all open source and freely available products! This gives PHP the upper hand, and makes it more desirable for business owners to hire PHP programmers.

Java Developers Vs PHP Web Developers

Java is another powerful web development language. However, Java development is often seen to be much more complicated than PHP. A Java developer requires a good deal of experience to be able to make the full use of the platform. However, coding in PHP is much simpler than Java. At the same time php is server independent while Java is not.

A PHP web developer can come up with a huge variety of websites and other web applications. Whether you would want a basic website, a powerful database in the backend, a user friendly content management system, a forum site, or something similar, PHP development will get you what you require, and that too for free (apart from the costs seen to hire php developers).

All these benefits have made PHP development a popular option amongst the businesses today. PHP web developers should definitely be your choice if you want to come up with a fully functional quality website for less.


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